Aids and equipment to assist people with Parkinson’s

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Large graspable surface fits comfortably in the hand and the ribbed texture enhances the users grip to hold the item securely.
The Slip on Handle is a handy built up grip designed to help make holding eating utensils easier.
Weighted cutlery set of 3
Each KEatlery utensil has additional weight added to help steady the user's hand. These heavy utensils may help to decrease hand tremors, allowing users to eat with less shaking and less spillage.
Weighted stainless steel utensils can be bent to the left or right. Soft, non-slip built up handle can be used with either hand. The Weighted Rocker Knife features a curved style rocker blade that helps make cutting food easier.
The Large Grip Swivel Fork is a self-levelling stainless steel fork that helps prevent food from sliding off. The swivel mechanism helps people with hand tremors or limited wrist movement when dining to prevent spills.
The Large Grip Swivel spoon is a self-levelling stainless steel spoon that helps prevent food from sliding off. The swivel mechanism helps people with hand tremors or limited wrist movement when dining to prevent spills.
Covered spoons
The Covered Spoons are adapted spoons designed with a covering over the spoon bowl. Users with tremors will find the design of the spoon helps limit the amount of spillage.
Non-slip small rectangle mat can be used on trays and tables to prevent plates and cups from sliding. Dycem is the most effective patented non-slip material that is not sticky, but grips on both sides. 10 inches long, 7-1/4 inches wide.
Stainless steel food bumper
The Stainless Steel Plate Guard provides a durable, metal food bumper against which food may be pushed onto a utensil. 3 spring action clips secure this metal food bumper to a plate. Fits plates with a diameter of 9-11 inches.
Gripware round scoop dish
The GripWare Plastic Scooper Plate is an 8 inch dish with a scoop edge that gradually rises from front to back. The contoured rim allows food to be trapped and pushed easily onto utensils.
The Independence Nosey Cup has 2 handles and an adapted lid with a cut out for the nose. This adapted cup is ideal for people who cannot tilt their head back.
The Weighted Insulated Cup with Anti-Splash Lid is a heavy, double wall cup that is designed to keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold.
Mug with lid
A steel weight has been added internally in the base of the cup to reduce tremors of the hand. Comes with a Spouted Lid which helps direct the liquid straight into the mouth.
The Insulated Weighted Bowl keeps food hot or cold and has additional weight added internally to the base to help prevent spills.
Cup holder silicone
The EazyHold Cup Holders are soft silicone straps that fit around a cup, glass or bottle and gently secure around the back of the hand. The one piece straps are hygienic, easily washed, quick drying, nontoxic, and latex free.
Blue scooper bowl
The Scooper Bowl with Suction Base is an adapted dining bowl designed to help users scoop food. The suction base provides added stability for users who have difficulty using a standard bowl for dining.
rotatable grip mug
The HandSteady Rotatable Handle Cup is unique drinking aid designed for those with limited dexterity, tremors, reduced coordination or weakness. The large rotating handle allows the user to hold the handle in comfortable and stable positions to minimize tremors and wrist pain.
Adult bib
The Blue Terry Cloth Adult Size Bib is made with premium stain hiding terry cloth to protect clothes and hide unsightly stains. This adult size clothing protector is made of absorbent poly-cotton terry fused to waterproof vinyl.