Welcome to Parkinson Diet and thanks for stopping by! My name is Amy Neill and I am a Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Melbourne Australia. Since 2005 I have had the pleasure of helping people with Parkinson’s and their families work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. I am super passionate about Parkinson’s disease nutrition.

Eating an appropriate diet can help maximise general health and can assist some of the symptoms that are associated with Parkinson’s disease including:

Dietary adjustments may also ensure levodopa-containing medications such as Kinson®, Madopar® and Sinemet® etc work optimally. Research is also starting to show that eating certain foods while limiting others may help improve brain health and benefit people with Parkinson’s.

I have created Parkinson Diet as a way to reach a wider audience and provide credible evidenced-based nutrition information to support people living with Parkinson’s. On my website you will find blog articles, recipes and case studies that I hope make eating well with Parkinson’s easier. The case studies aim to provide a practical approach to managing some of the nutritional concerns that can occur for people with Parkinson’s.

I hope you find Parkinson Diet a useful resource.

Amy Neill

Accredited Practicing Dietitian / Accredited Nutritionist 

Parkinson's diet advice with Dietitian Amy Neill

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