Legume recipes

Mushroom & red kidney bean pattie
Lentil and vegetable penne pasta
Lentil & vegetable penne pasta

Nut or Egg recipes

Sweet potato noodles with cashew sauce
Egg and vegetable muffins recipe
Egg and vegetable muffins

Texture modified recipes

Beetroot and cashew puree
Roast pumpkin puree

Tofu recipes

Carrot miso soup recipe for Parkinson's
Carrot and miso soup with silken tofu

Drink recipes

Choc smoothie recipes
Chocolate smoothies
Mango smoothie recipe
Mango Smoothie
Smoothie blueberry strawberry coconut
Berry smoothie with blueberries & strawberries
Banana and oat smoothie with cinnamon - recipe
Banana Oat and Cinnamon Smoothie


Chocolate avocado mousse